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Tattoo Removal

Tattoos have become very popular over the years. However, sometimes things change and you might decide that you don’t want that tattoo anymore. Tattoo removal technology has advanced over the years and can now produce amazing result. It is important to choose the right tattoo removal treatment.

Why do Tattoo Removal at

New Image?

New Image Med Spa uses the Q-Switched Laser, which is the most advanced
tattoo removal laser available today. This laser removes tattoos by creating a very short high energy pulse. The ink of the tattoo is thermo-acoustically broken up into tiny particles that can be readily absorbed by the body. When the laser is removing the tattoo, a light grey “frosting” appears on the tattoo. This is a signal to let you know the removal is working because the proper amount of energy was applied to the tattoo.

The Q-Switched laser allows for customized treatments that are based on the condition and the type of skin of each individual patient. This is important because it maximizes the results and manages patient comfort while minimizing side effects.

This is a safe and efficient way to remove an unwanted tattoo. Just about anyone with a tattoo that wants to get it removed may be a candidate. It is effective and
safe on all skin types ranging from fair skinned to deeply pigmented skin. In fact, even hard to remove ink colors such as red, orange, and yellow can be treated. Improvement can be seen even on dark and stubborn colors.


After 5 Sessions. Patient is still in the process of removing the tattoo


After 14 Sessions of removal. 

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